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Carbon clarity tops NABRC list of research priorities

The North Australia Beef Research Council (NABRC) says clarity around carbon accounting and measuring standards is the northern beef industry’s highest priority research need.

Following extensive consultation with its network of producers connected to 11 Regional Beef Research Committees throughout northern Australia, NABRC identified a list of six priority areas in its submission to Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA).

NABRC Chair Dr John Taylor said there is a strong need for proven, practical, cost-effective methods for measuring and verifying environmental services including carbon sequestration, reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, and biodiversity conservation.

“The industry has committed to a goal of carbon neutrality by 2030 and to achieve that producers need clarity and certainty about how to participate,” Dr Taylor said.

“We’ve also identified research gaps in quantifying livestock emissions on major land and pasture types, as well as the opportunity to identify native browse shrubs that contain bio-actives for reducing methane emissions.”

The priority list also identified a need to accurately measure and manage ground cover and available feed – both quantity and quality – to avoid overgrazing and improve sustainability and forward planning for producers. while maximising profitability for producers.

“By identifying forage quality and quantity in different seasons and matching plant species to stage of animal life, producers can make proactive decisions and adapt their management accordingly,” Dr Taylor said.

NABRC connects producers, researchers and industry stakeholders to drive improved production in Australia’s northern grassfed beef industry.

Its influence and collaboration efforts have resulted in game-changing research programs for the beef industry including, for example, the recent Northern Breeding Business (NB2) project, pasture dieback research, phosphorous for cattle fertility, and the famous CashCow project.

NABRC also supports producers to adopt new technology and best practices by sharing cutting edge research solutions from its partners at MLA, CSIRO, the State Governments and Australia’s universities.

The six northern priorities, along with those submitted from the Southern Australia Livestock Research Council (SALRC) and the Western Australian Livestock Research Council (WALRC), will be used to inform MLA’s allocation of funding for new research, development and extension projects.

NABRC’s full list of priorities can be found here


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