Important:  2022 Northern Beef Research Update Conference postponed due to CV019 uncertainties.  Previous delegates will be notified when a new date is set.

North Australia Beef Research Council

Driving innovation for a prosperous northern beef industry

The North Australia Beef Research Council, or NABRC, provides leadership and advice to organisations who either invest in, or undertake beef cattle research, development and extension (RD&E) in Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

NABRC is an independent organisation made up of producer representatives, research organisations and education providers.

NABRC does not fund RD&E, nor employ any RD&E personnel. Rather, its role is to influence the RD&E agenda. NABRC helps ensure that innovation and learning in the northern beef industry addresses industry’s priority issues.

WANTED: Beef producers to help direct the RD&A agenda in northern Australia

The North Australia Beef Research Council Inc. (NABRC) is an independent, incorporated association established in 1992 to provide recommendations on Research, Development & Adoption (RD&A) priorities and planning for grass-fed beef producers throughout northern Australia.

NABRC is building industry and organisational capacity with more RBRC beef producer members. All applicants must be beef producers and reside in the specified regions. Sitting fees are paid to attend meetings plus travel/accommodation/meals are reimbursed.

RBRC Members – Seeking Expressions of Interest – South Qld, South-east Qld, North Qld, North West Qld, West Qld, Central Qld

RBRC producer members consult widely in their region to identify current and emerging problems, information needs, and/or opportunities that may be addressed by RD&A. Active engagement in the region is important to communicate RD&A outputs and provide feedback on the adoption of research and new technologies. Adoption is a key industry focus and RBRC members provide input to/feedback on RD&A proposals to increase local relevance and identify limitations to practical and commercially viable solutions. NB: RBRCs will review all applications received.

A detailed information/application pack is available below or email


NABRC is a truly participative group aiming to ensure innovation and learning in the northern beef industry is relevant to the end users.

Regional Committees

NABRC is underpinned by eleven regional committees chaired by producers who represent their regions at NABRC meetings.

Activities & Events

NABRC participates in a range of industry events and activities as well as hosting two key industry events.

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If you would like to know more about NABRC, please contact the Secretariat or Chair.

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