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NBRUC 2023 has replaced the traditional hard copy poster with two forms of short - three or ten minute - presentations, Beef Bites.  One-page papers were sought for submission within five  themes.


The conference editors have advised you:

  • if your paper has been accepted for the proceedings and/or

  • if you will deliver a three minute or ten minute oral presentation. 


Three minute oral presentation - maximum of 3 slides.  The first slide should introduce your topic.  The second slide should present the main points of your topic.  The final slide should discuss the impact of your topic.  Presentations will be given from the podium and there will be no deviation from the allotted time. Questions will be taken at the end of the session.


Ten minute oral presentation – maximum of 10 slides including opening slide and acknowledgments if appropriate.  Presentations will be given from the podium and there will be no deviation from the allotted time. Group panel discussion at the end of a block of presentations, i.e., questions are held until the panel session where they can be made to presenters collectively.  ​



  1. Download one of the slides below as the title slide of your presentation.








The conference organisers have engaged Michael Maher from SLM, a Darwin based Audio/Visual Company to provide all av equipment and services.

​2. Either email your PowerPoint presentation to: or hand it on a USB  to the AV team at the ops desk inside the Grand Ballroom on the morning of your presentation earlier if possible (For those presentations in the first sessions of each day, please ensure your presentation is available by 7.15 am.)  Each PowerPoint presentation will be uploaded onto the conference computer. 

3.  The file name of your presentation should be:  Room, presenter’s name, and session number, key word from presentation title.

e.g., LitchfieldTaborSession5Biomarkers


4.  If your presentation requires sound for a video clip, or you have any other special AV requirements, please ensure you advise Michael as soon as possible, so that the necessary AV requirements are available.


5.  Check the time allocated to your presentation. The time allocated to each presentation varies. It is very important the sessions run to time.


The conference room is equipped with lectern, microphone, data projector, screen, laptop computer and remote control (including laser pointer).  There will be an audio-visual technician in the room at all times if there are any technical issues.


6.  Introduce yourself to your session Chair. 

Beef Bites Presenting_edited.jpg
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