NABRC is a truly participative group aiming to ensure innovation and learning in the northern beef industry is relevant to the end users, and involves all stakeholders in the planning, conduct and delivery of research or learning activities and projects.

NABRC provides leadership and advice to organisations who either invest in, or undertake beef cattle RD&E in Queensland, the Northern Territory and the Pilbara and Kimberley regions of Western Australia.

NABRC is an independent organisation made up of producer representatives, research organisations, education providers, and State farming organisations.

NABRC does not fund RD&E, nor employ RD&E personnel: its role is to influence the RD&E agenda.NABRC helps ensure that innovation and learning in the northern beef industry addresses the priority issues of industry.

NABRC meets at least twice a year at locations across northern Australia to identify and discuss strategic industry issues. Where possible local producers and local providers of RD&E attend the meetings.

Affiliate Councils

The Regional Advisory Council model now includes the Southern Australia Livestock Research Council (SALRC) and Western Australia Livestock Research Council (WALRAC).   While NABRC’s focus is solely beef cattle, SALRC and WALRC also cover sheep including in western Queensland.

Map showing NABRC, SALRC and WALRC boundaries

Map showing NABRC, SALRC and WALRC boundaries

Relationship with Meat and Livestock Australia

NABRC plays a key role in MLA’s consultation process to determine RD&A investment priorities.  Our 11 regional chairs collectively form the Northern Producer Panel, which provides commercially-relevant context, direction and feedback on RD&A priorities and RD&A proposals seeking MLA funding.  Equivalent functions are provided for the southern and western regions through the (SALRC) Southern Producer Panel and (WALRC) Western Producer Panel, respectively.

National RD&E Strategy for Northern Australia

NABRC was approached by the Red Meat Co-investment Committee (RMCIC) in October 2010 to develop the RD&E strategy for Queensland, the Northern Territory and the northern pastoral zone of West Australia, as part of the National Beef Production Research, Development and Extension Strategy (2010) commissioned by the Primary Industries Ministerial Council.

The national strategy aims to promote continuous improvement in the investment of RD&E resources nationally by helping to ensure that they are applied efficiently, effectively and collaboratively, and to address capability gaps, fragmentation and unnecessary duplication in the national system for primary industries RD&E.

NABRC is the key industry-agency forum with the responsibility for determining and advising on strategic requirements for RD&E activities (including education and training) in the northern Australian beef industry.

NABRC is an independent organisation that acts as the central consultative council comprising all major northern RD&E agencies and educational institutions (departments of primary industries, CSIROCRCs and universities) and producer representatives from states and territories.

NABRC has identified six steps to address the challenge reduced funding poses to the northern Australian beef industry, and the key RD&E priorities for northern Australia.

NABRC summarises the results of its consultation processes and key findings in the RD&E Priorities Prospectus for northern Australia (March 2012):

Click here to download RD&E Prospectus for northern Australia (2012)